Here are some helpful and informative links for you:

Outdoor Project – this is my new “go to” page for hike information. You can even download the hiking guide and map.

Hiking/Camping – Kathy & Craig Copeland – This is my favorite hiking web site. The Copelands live in Alberta and have hiked all over the world. They have perfectly described how I feel when hiking. It has been hard for me to put into words exactly how hiking moves me. Visit their site and be inspired. They are the real deal. Listen to their audio files at the bottom of this page HERE.  It’s a hikers sermon. Here is their UTAH site offering guided hikes.

My Open Country – A great information hike about gear, and anything hiking!

The Clever Hiker – this guy is amazing. He is as passionate about hiking as I am. His site offers valuable information on various hikes, reviews gear and much more. – a great site for planning any backpacking trip.

9 Tips For Hiking With Kids

North Cascade Weather Repor

Important Info on Mosquitoes & Ticks – We know that many groups do activities areas prone to dangerous ticks and mosquitoes, and the range for diseases like Zika, West Nile, and Lyme Disease is growing. Our organization, The Tick and Mosquito Project, focuses on providing content that people in tick and mosquito-prone areas might find useful.  You can find it here (  We provide information on controlling mosquitoes and ticks, two creatures that are not only annoying but also very real public safety issues.  Organizations such as MSN, Reader’s Digest, Wild Magazine, Backpacker Magazine, and eHow have used us as resources for their articles.

REI   Gear and Clothing

The Clymb – a great site for ANYTHING OUTDOORS at huge discounts. FAVE!

Washington Trails Association – terrific discount site for gear

Harrison Adventures – A personal site with photos and videos of some of my adventures with family and friends.

Safety Tips – Hiking Safety Tips: How to plan for you next outing.

The Do’s and Don’t’s when camping in the mountains. Here is a great article! Thanks Owen.

AMAZING San Juan Island Get-A-Way – “Sunny Knoll Suite